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Quitting your smoking habit can sound like a very difficult thing to do initially, but with concerted efforts and dedication from your side, you can easily quit this habit and lead a much healthier life. To quit smoking, you need to first of all develop internal strength and the commitment that you will quit this habit once and for all for your own sakes, and also that of your loved ones. Develop a negative attitude towards this habit, and you will start reaping the fortunes of quitting this habit in no time. The fact that you have decided to quit smoking is the first step in itself. When you decide that you will quit this habit that means you have realized the dangers of it and would want to get over it as soon as possible. Smoking can be very addictive, and here are some tips to assist you.


quitting smoking


First of all, you need to throw away all your cigarettes and related articles which include matches, lighters, ashtrays and everything which is related to your smoking habit, and ensure that your pockets never contain any related article at any time. Secondly, promise yourself that you will never touch another cigarette at any stage of your life ever again once you have quit this habit. This is why you should throw away all the cigarette related paraphernalia so that you are never reminded of this habit, or ever instigated to start of with it again. Thirdly, avoid all social gatherings or any venue where smoking is habitually done. This includes avoiding all such friends who happen to smoke in front of you, and do not stop even at your insistence while you are present. Put a complete ban on smoking at your area of residence and be firm about this. Fourthly, you should understand that your decision to quit smoking was a step in the correct direction and that you will never opt for it again. Fifth, whenever you feel like having a smoke again, just bring this thought into your mind that you are very powerful and brave, because you quit this habit in the first place and plan never to introduce it in your life ever again. Sixth, include drink more water together with various fresh citric fruit juices during the first several days after you quit smoking, and also avoid all sugary drinks during the first three days after you have stopped smoking completely. If you think drink the fruit juice will make you unhealthy, and you will turn fat after you have stopped smoking, than a great alternative is to remain physically active at all times. Walk more and start climbing your stairs whenever you feel smoking would have been a better option than the ritual you are following at the moment. Seventh, include loads of healthy meals containing various fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet, since they greatly help to get rid of your addiction and restore your health.

There are various other tips available which will definitely assist you in getting rid of your smoking habit. However, opt for those that advocate natural techniques since they are not only beneficial for your health, but also help you stay away completely from this life threatening habit.


Quit Smoking Tips